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"When someone hears you without passing judgement on you, without taking the responsibility for you, without trying to mould you.. it feels good, damn good!"

Carl Rogers


It was once said to me, by someone I know that “If I could have a spoonful of Lisa everyday, I'd be happy”. What a lovely thing to say.


But this also got me thinking. If I help this person as much as they say, then why not others. So this is why I do what I do.


I love chatting to people, finding out about them, what makes them tick and why. I'm a natural ‘enquirer’ and all my life people have opened up to me. Family, friends, even strangers, (that one being a particularly common one!) If I can help someone I will, and not just physically. I mean really help them. Suggestions, ideas, thought provoking conversations that make them question themselves. I suppose you could call it “Unintentional Personal Development”


Through Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, the "talking therapy" and experiences gained by myself, guidance and support, I can help you realise where you’d really like to be. By helping you to understand your own mental state we can set goals to help you get your life back on track.


So please read on to see if I can help you






















So in 2018 I stepped back and realised that I had to do something to keep myself physically and mentally healthy, so I took up dog walking, where I walked people’s dogs for over 3 years, which I absolutely loved, just me the dogs and nature, a perfect combination, but again my body put a stop to that, but not before I'd managed to get myself in a good place to cope with the next phase of life.. This.


I was diagnosed in 2016 with ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I’m lucky to have now got this under control with all sorts of different strategies and I help other sufferers with this terrible condition cope with their lives as best as possible. In 2014 I suffered a bout of seizures (16-19... they lost count) resulting in me having to take a year out of life, it knocked me bandy but now I realise I learnt so much from that time. I’ve also had Trigeminal Neuralgia (look it up!), Tonsillitis like the common cold and I also have Arthritis in my knee, upper neck and feet. Oh and don’t forget the menopause. Friends laugh if we have spa days as it takes me most of the time to fill out the health form! 


I’ve experienced work problems, relationship breakdowns, a messy marriage ending in divorce

(resulting in low self-esteem and confidence issues), bankruptcy, depression, stress, anxiety and nearly a breakdown! I’ve had miscarriages, fertility problems and counselling. I’ve lost loved ones and friends. I’ve been rich and poor, both monetary and emotionally.


Why do I tell you all this? Because I got through it, I survived, and to show that no matter what life throws at you, you can too! It wasn’t always easy but along the way i have learnt so many things and hopefully I can help you work things out too…


I’m one of 7 children, the middle child, so the peacekeeper. All this has resulted in 17 nieces and nephews, 4 great nieces and nephews and 1 granddaughter. I have 2 children of my own, a son and a daughter, so life is never boring!


I was a publican for over 15 years and before this worked in a variety of jobs ranging from working for the Ministry of Defence to running a market stall on the Roman Road in London.


After having children I went into working at schools culminating in becoming a PE/ Sports coach, but after over 13 years I retired due to health reasons, which I'll come onto. I loved working with children of all ages, 4-18 I didn't mind, they all brought their own unique character and stories which I learnt from. Towards the end of this career I worked with older pupils, and it soon became clear I was the ‘go to’ teacher, being confided in all sorts of teenage angst and worries. Some the norm, a few not so, resulting in me having to take this confidence further.


"What is the bravest thing you've ever said?

"Help" came the reply."

The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse



“My sons’ sessions with Lisa over the phone could not have gone any better.
She’s kind and understanding towards him. It’s a great relief for me knowing that he
confides in her and he feels relaxed about it.
She’s helping him build his confidence after being bullied at school and I could
already see an improvement after 2 sessions
Thank you Lisa

M Hertfordshire

In January 2022 I started talking to Lisa as I was in a situation where I had no idea
what direction I needed
to go. Lisa has got me thinking about my future, what I want
and need and now I can see a way forward. It has been done with tact, plus
I believe I would have been stuck in a hole if not for the chats with her.

David Oxfordshire

I haven’t known Lisa for long at all, however, I feel like she’s an old friend who I can
contact whenever I need her, and she’ll be there for me.
Lisa goes and above and beyond her role as counsellor making sure my concerns
are heard and possible solutions are found to be make sure I’ll be ok.
Lisa has a lovely aura about her, is honest and really wants to help.
That is what I love about her and would recommend her counselling services to
anyone without hesitation.

Fiona Guildford

Lisa has been the breath of fresh air my husband and I have needed for so long!
Through our sessions she has helped us with our own personal issues, and our
relationship together - improving our communication to each other and working
together, which we haven't done effectively - and we have been together 11 years!
When our relationship was at a serious breaking point, Lisa has been there to listen
and advise - actioning her advice has really turned our relationship around and we
are working together as parents for our 2 year old to finally be on the same page.
She has worked with us 1-2-1 and together, she has truly lived up to her 'Spoonful of
Lisa' as she is the medicine we have needed for so long!
Lisa's personality is just fantastic, full of positivity, encouragement and we have a
good laugh as well as tackling the serious issues head on.
I highly recommend 'Spoonful of Lisa' as she is one amazing lady!





It starts with a 20 minute FREE chat. Either by telephone or video call.

  • will we get on?

  • could we work together? (yes, together)

  • could you confide and open up to me?

  • could you trust me?

  • do we like each other.. the crux. If we don’t then there's no point in continuing. Hence the reason we have this initial FREE consultation. 


If it’s a yes then we establish how often your sessions will be, how long and what you’d realistically like to get out of them?

Your sessions could start weekly at 60 minutes, ending up with a quick 15 minute chat monthly, or they could start at 30 minutes fortnightly, ending up in 90 minute chats weekly. Everyone is different, with individual needs and requirements. So this is why after our first 60 minute session I suggest what I think you’ll need, and we adjust as we go along. It is all at your pace and I just step alongside you.


The sessions are held over video call through WhatsApp or Zoom, (so very easy to set up), or telephone calls.


They are tailored to your individual needs and personality and fit in around your work and family life wherever we can.


Your “unintentional personal development” (see intro) is achieved through your self-awareness brought about by deep questioning and rooting the problem out together. By assessing your current situation we will begin to understand your mental situation and therefore begin to set genuine and achievable goals for you to reach, resulting in where you’d like to be.


By enabling you to understand yourself I aim to help you reach a state where you are happy, confident and content.

" It does not matter how slowly you go... as long as you do not stop."




Prices & Packages

  • FREE 20 minute consultation

  • Video/ Telephone call - £50 per hour

  • In Person - £60 per hour (must be within Oxford area)

  • Walk & Talk in person - £60 per hour

  • Couples - £75

  • Corporate/Schools - POA

What do you want from me?

  • a commitment to the process 

  • contributions to the conversations

  • honesty and openness

  • a willingness to challenge yourself ready for change

  • a willingness to step outside your comfort zones


What does Lisa give me?

  • 1-2-1 non judgemental support

  • to focus solely on you

  • to commit to finding solutions to any problems you are facing

  • a commitment to understanding you and your experiences

  • to help in reflecting on these and understanding why

  • to support you to rise

  • to maintain confidentiality


What do I need to bring?

  • an honest and open approach

  • pen and paper to take notes (if you like)



  • a full 24 hours notice is required for cancellation, a full charge will be made (dependant on circumstances)

  • appointments can be rescheduled with enough notice (see above)

  • if I cancel 24 hours notice will be given (circumstances allowing) and there will be no charge

  • if late, (sometimes this can't be helped), then please let me know ASAP, and likewise

"There's no challenge more challenging than challenging yourself."

Lady Gabby



If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with me!


07990 847504


Thanks for submitting!

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